Creating Better “Things”

We have been involved in neckwear, mainly neckties, since our establishment in 1909.We have cooperating industries in Japan and abroad to produce neckties and stoles.We believe that “better products” are a combination of external beauty and internal beauty.External beauty is design, and internal beauty is quality.Design means to consider and propose styles, patterns, and color schemes that we think are “better” with our sensitivity.Quality means that the place of origin is clear, and that the person who made the product is identified.We believe that this information, which is proof of trust in food products, is equally important in the case of clothing.We will continue to produce “better products” that are environmentally friendly and satisfy our customers as much as possible.We believe that this is our basic stance in manufacturing products for the next 100 years.

よりよい”もの” をつくる

明治42 年の創業時よりネクタイを中心に、ネックウェアに携わってきました。国内外に協力工業を持ち、ネクタイやストールの生産をしております。
これが次の1 0 0 年に向けた”もの” 造りの基本姿勢だと考えております。